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10:43 12/01/2017

13 outrageous loudspeakers that blew us away at CES

Audio is an afterthought for some. They rely on the speakers built into their TVs, the earbuds that came bundled with their smartphones, and they’re perfectly happy. For others, audio is the main event and money is no obstacle in their pursuit of the perfect sound. And there is no shortage of manufacturers eager to satisfy the latter camp’s cravings. Each year at CES, these high-end audio builders bump the high rollers from the suites at the Venetian to demonstrate their best. They’ll sit you down in the sweet spot and hit you with an overwhelming auditory experience that will make you wonder why you’ve never thought about spending half-a-year’s salary on a set of stereo speakers for your living room. Most of us will never pull the trigger on such of an extravagance, but it’s always fun to listen and dream. These are some of the most impressive loudspeakers we heard at this year’s CES. (Note: there are two slides for each speaker, the second of which shows more detail.)