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10:28 12/01/2017

12 of the most exciting headphones we listened to at CES

You don’t need to be an audiophile to appreciate a great pair of headphones, you just need to love music. Those big cans can take your audio experience to a whole other level, whether you’re listening to Verdi’s Requiem or Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” or Warren G’s “Regulate.” We saw great headphones for every taste and every budget at CES this year. Looking for something heavy on the bass to exploit your EDM tracks? Sony has you covered. In the market for a high-fidelity concert-like experience? Beyerdynamic’s Amiron Home open-backs impressed the heck out of us (we’ll have a full review very soon). Dig listening to music while running or hiking in the rain? We found the perfect pair iHome’s booth. Let’s check ‘em all out.